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New Skete is a religious community of men and women dedicated to monastic life in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

​The Monastic life has but one rule, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and one goal, that we each attain the end for which we are created.

In Peace

 We hope that you find your visit to our website informative and peaceful.  Our Eastern Orthodox monastery, located in Cambridge, New York, was founded in 1966.  

As Orthodox Christians, it is our passionate desire to live the monastic life and to worship authentically and intensely. New Skete’s entire history has been characterized, in the midst of supporting ourselves, by our efforts to translate the essentials of early Christian monasticism to an American culture capable of transforming us today. This has entailed pursuing the knowledge needed to foster a spirit of healthy simplicity. We achieve this by studying Sacred Scripture, Monastic and Liturgical History and by being open to the difficulties and yearnings of our contemporaries.

A Peaceful Place

Located on the gentle slope of Two-Top mountain [el. 1,743 ft.], you will find the churches of New Skete, Emmaus Guest House, the dog kennels,  and the monks' monastery.   Nearby, you will find the nuns' monastery along with their cheesecake bakery.  Peace and tranquility are part of the setting as well as part of life at New Skete.  

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