Trails begin just below the Puppy Kennel on the outside curve of the paved road.  The various trails are marked with three different colors.  The main trail is a red blaze; alternative paths are marked with orange and a center trail is marked with yellow.  The east route [lower line on map] has an orange loopback, which if taken makes about a 30 minute hike.  The west route [top of map] has an orange loop extension, which is more difficult with a steep grade.  Follow the red blazes for a less difficult trail.  A north-south [center] yellow trail bisects the red loop.  It cuts about 30 minutes off the full trail hike. FULL LOOP: 1.23 miles; allow about 1½ hours at a leisurely pace.

Wear appropriate shoes and clothing, use tick repellent spray and carry a hiking stick for safety.
If you go, please inform a staff member or one of the monks.

Hiking Trail