We are pleased to share the quiet, solitude and beauty of our surroundings with you. Retreats differ in focus. A retreat can simply be a time of rest and renewal from your daily life, or you may desire to have a more directed retreat in the context of our liturgical life. The structure of your time with us can be worked out once you arrive, or you may communicate your interest ahead of time. We welcome guests throughout the year, with the exception of our own retreat times - mid-August through mid-September, and our mid-winter retreat, usually in February. Our guest rooms are usually booked several weeks in advance, so we recommend making your reservation early. Please check the group retreats page for thematic retreats planned throughout the year.

Retreats may be scheduled for two or more nights, starting at noon on Tuesday and ending with the mid-day meal on Sunday. All meals are provided. Animals cannot be accommodated unless you require a service dog. People of all faiths are welcome and are encouraged to join us for the daily offices of Matins, Vespers, as well as Divine Liturgy on Sundays and feast days. In addition, there is ample time for private prayer and reflection, as well as conversations with other guests and monastics. The grounds of the communities are open to guests, with the exception of areas designated as private. 

We accept guests Tuesday through Sunday for two or more nights. The midday meal on Sunday ends the visit and/or retreat. Please check our calendar for any thematic retreats that may be planned throughout the year. The guest rooms are closed August 15th through September 14th, during our mid-winter retreat in February, and for a week in May. Guestrooms are usually booked several weeks in advance. 

Individual Retreats